5 Useful YouTube Tricks to Watch Videos on Big Screen

The time of streaming YouTube videos on your phone’s limited screen are gone. If you have a smart TV, then you directly watch YouTube videos on the big screen, or you can use YouTube cast to stream the videos on the big screen. It is going to enrich your YouTube experience and make it more wholesome.

Here are some tips you can use to watch free movies and even rent the recently released hits. Also, you can watch them on your big screen even in a hotel room if you are on a vacation.

1. Free Movies

There are hundreds of movies available on YouTube that you can watch for free without having a paid subscription. There are limited options, with many of them being old flicks, but you will be able to watch some classics for free. The only thing YouTube asks is that you watch the ads placed on the movies. It is a small price for full-length films. Starting this fall, YouTube will make its original shows free for the viewers. So if you want, you can check them out.

2. Rent Recent Releases

YouTube allows you to rent the latest released hits, and you can even buy them permanently if you want. If you have rented or purchased the movie on one platform, say mobile, then you can watch the film on your PC or TV. The film can be viewed through the YouTube App, or it can be cast from your phone.

3. Voice Control on YouTube

Who needs remote when you can tell YouTube what it needs to play? You need to get a Google Home to combine with either your smart Android TV or Google Chromecast. After linking your TV with the Google Home, you are good to go.

4. Taking YouTube with You on Holidays

Having a Chromecast can help you watch your favorite vlogs or movies on TV, even in a hotel room. Yes, you can watch them on your phone or laptop, but TV is much better.

Your TV needs to be connected to the same wifi as your other device. After they are connected, play the video on the YouTube app on your phone/tablet/laptop. After that just press the Cast icon, then select the device you want to stream on. Press Play and done. You are good to go, now watch the videos on the big screen and enjoy.

5. Videos Designed Specifically for Big Screens

There is YouTube for TV, different from YouTubeTV which has following options designed for big screens.

  • Recommended: Includes videos based on your watch history and preferences.
  • Entertainment: Includes movie clips, trailers, and your favorite YouTubers’ videos.
  • Gaming: Includes the latest trends in the gaming world.
  • Music: Includes official music videos, latest videos, and live performances for you.
  • Latest: Includes daily top picks and featured playlists customized for you.
  • Originals: YouTube’s original shows, such as Foursome etc.

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