7 Best Apps for Learning Spanish Language

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages all around the world. And it is fun to learn if you like exploring new languages from time to time or have a specific reason. The reasons can be work-related or a travel plan to a place where native speakers speak Spanish. Whatever your reasons are, you can quickly learn Spanish whenever or wherever you want with the below-given apps.

Learn Spanish with ease through these apps:

1. Duolingo

Duolingo is a well-known app that has already made ample of its users proficient in Spanish in no time. It comes with easy to use and exciting user-interface and is one of the highest-rated apps for learning the Spanish language on the app store. Various themes and units inside the app allow you to learn the language very fast.

2. FluentU

If you think out of the box and prefer unique things, this language learning app is the perfect solution for you. You get to learn Spanish through real-life videos , news, commercials and more in FluentU. With this natural approach, you know a lot about Spanish culture as well while learning. You can enhance your vocabulary with quizzes available in the videos. This language learning app showcases content by tracking your vocabulary and shows you relevant content. Learn the Spanish language with both audio and visuals through FluentU.

3. Memrise

As the name already suggests, Memrise is an exciting and unique app for memorizing Spanish words. You will find various modules in this Spanish language learning app that will help you learn more and more Spanish words from time to time. The witty examples in the Memrise app will cheer you up and make the learning process more creative and exciting. So, learn new Spanish words with ease through Memrise language learning app.

4. Busuu

With the Busuu app, you connect with a vast community of members who are learning the Spanish language. It not only lets you listen and read the language and but also ask you to speak and write the language for better understanding. The Busuu language learning app offers you an online platform where you can learn as well as practice Spanish. If you download the lessons, you can learn Spanish offline as well. Get this app on your Android or iOS device today!

5. MosaLingua

All your Spanish learning demands will be fulfilled through MosaLingua app. This language learning app is available for both iOS and Android and well-appreciated by the current users. There are various subcategories of phrases and words in the app that keeps your learning process very organized. You will not only learn the meaning of words but can even correctly pronounce them.

6. Cat Spanish

If you love cats and want to learn Spanish, choose the Cat Spanish app. It is yet another masterpiece by the creators of Memrise. You will enjoy the humorous content of this app made around cats. To add more fun, it allows you to connect with your loved ones in the learning game. And, you are destined to learn Spanish faster if you compete with others in the app.

7. SpeakEasy

SpeakEasy is one of the great Spanish language learning apps available on both Google Play and iOS store. It allows you to take the practical approach to learn the language and consists of a phrasebook with travel-friendly phrases, which will eventually help you while traveling. This learning app also comes with a slow playback feature through which you can hear phrases at a slower speed if you don’t understand it for the first time.


All these apps have a different set of features and learning methods. You can choose the ideal Spanish learning app according to your need and excel at speaking and writing Spanish. Download any or all of these apps in your smartphone, now, to start learning!

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