- How do I activate McAfee with product key?

McAfee Antivirus Software secures all the subscribed users’ systems in multiple ways. It offers security against the viruses and malware infections which are increasing nowadays. The user can take subscription of McAfee security programs; it only depends on the needs of the users. The scanning process of McAfee Antivirus is not visible to their users, and the users can also do any other works on the system when the McAfee Antivirus is scanning on their system. If you want to secure all of the data with McAfee antivirus on your system, then download, install and activate McAfee Antivirus by going to the

McAfee Antivirus Download

If you wish to download the McAfee Antivirus for the protection of the data and any documents in the system, then it is a very easy process. Just follow the given steps to know how to download McAfee Antivirus on the system.

  1. Turn on the system and let the system to work all functions.
  2. By going to the “Taskbar” menu, hit on the default browser of the system.
  3. You have to unlock a new page in the default browser.
  4. After that, enter the link on the address bar.
  5. Go towards the upward direction in the link page mentioned above.
  6. Select the current country you are staying in by finding that country on the menu list.
  7. Select the language you know to set it as a default language of the system.
  8. Select the region listed on the McAfee page.
  9. In case you are a new member of McAfee, make an account which includes this information your name, date of birth, email address and the password should be strong enough.
  10. Hit on the “Log In” option.
  11. For activating the McAfee setup, remember to save the product key which had been provided in the registered email address of McAfee. Otherwise, you will find the product code on the wrapper of the McAfee Antivirus disk.
  12. Make sure that the password you had typed should contain more than eight words so no one might steal it.
  13. Confirm the account on McAfee by going to the link provided on the registered email address.
  14. Sign in to the account you had recently created and entered the email address and password on the sign in page.
  15. Agree on the policy of downloading McAfee setup on the system.
  16. Choose that option of downloading which is suitable for you.
  17. Wait till the process of downloading McAfee gets finished.

McAfee Antivirus Installation

Once you check that the McAfee Antivirus is downloaded on the system, then you have to install this software on your device before activating it with the 25-digit alphanumeric product code. Look forward to the given steps to start the installation process on the system now.

  1. Search the McAfee setup file you had downloaded on the system.
  2. Select that file given in downloads documents.
  3. Double-clicking on that file will open it for the installation.
  4. Hit the “Yes” option located on the User Account Control box.
  5. You have to sign in first to the account of McAfee so that you can easily find the install option there.
  6. Click on the “Install” option.
  7. Read the guidelines provided on the page.
  8. After a few seconds, the process of installing the McAfee gets started on the system where you wish to install it. In case you wish to install this software on any other device, then go for another step.
  9. The install percentage should be on 100% to complete this process.
  10. Reboot the system again.

How to Activate McAfee Antivirus

The next step you have to do is to activate the McAfee Antivirus after completing the process of download and install it on the system. Remember to keep the product code with you because it will help you with the activation process.

  1. You will find the downloaded and installed McAfee symbol in the edge of the display.
  2. Double-click on that McAfee file.
  3. Permit to start the activating processor of McAfee Antivirus.
  4. Hit the “Activate” option located on the left side of the McAfee page.
  5. Go to the URL
  6. Enter the product code which is of the 25-digit alphanumeric character.
  7. Click the “Enter” button after typing the product code on the box.
  8. Sign in to the account of McAfee Antivirus.
  9. Go through the instructions provided on the screen.
  10. The process of activation of the McAfee setup has been completed.