How to Change the Font Style on iOS devices

Some people think that the font they are using in their iOS device is just right, but some people want to enlarge their message size to read the text clearly. If you’re going to change the size setting in your iOS device, then you can do so by following the given steps.

Steps for Using the Display Settings in iOS devices

•    Go to the “iOS Settings.” It is located on the home display of iPhone or will be into the “Utilities” file.

•    Click “Display and Brightness” button. You will get this in the “Third Group” options on this webpage.

•    Choose the “Text Size” option. It is located into the” Fourth” part of settings on the webpage.

  • Making the messages bold in the iOS device is possible so that it can develop the writing quality from this part of the menu list

•    Click and pull the “Slider.” Pulling the slider to the right side, it will zoom in the menu text, when pulling it to the left side it will zoom out the menu text. All the Apple application will change with this setting and also the third party application which supports dynamic typing.

  • It will not change the size of the symbol text.

•    Press “Display and Brightness.” You will get this on the left side of the phone display. It will save the changes done to the message size; you can view the new message size instantly which will also change the size of the menu text.

Steps for Using Accessibility Settings in iOS devices

•    Unlock iOS Settings. It resembles a silvery application symbol located on the phone home display, or you will get in the “Utilities” file.

•    Press the “General” button. This is a third group option in the phone setting.

•    Click “Accessibility.” You will see that the “Accessibility” this is the “Seventh” options given into the menu list of your phone.

•    Choose “Larger Text” option. It is located on the upper side of the second group options on this webpage.

•    Move the “Larger Accessibility Sizes” button on the right side to the “Enable” position. After following the above steps, it will increase the message size so that you can zoom in the menu text on your screen.

•    Press and pull the “Slider” at the end of the display. Pulling the slider to the right side will then it will increase the message size, and when pulling it into the left side then it will decrease the message size. As similar to the message size slider given into the “Display and Brightness” menu list, it will also make the changes into the iPhone menu setting and applications which supports the “Accessibility” size options.

Steps for Using Display Zoom in iOS devices

•    Tap the “iOS Settings.” You can go to the iOS settings by clicking the silvery symbol of the iOS home display or in the file which is named as “Utilities.”

  • You can do this step only in iPhones 6.

•    Click “Display and Brightness “option.  It is an option of the third group on this webpage.

•    Click the “View” button. You will find this button into the “Fifth” group located in the iOS settings.

•    Choose the “Zoomed” tab. You will get this in the right column of the phone display. It will open a “Preview” page on the phone home display to check to enlarge view on your screen.

•    Press the “Set” button given on the right side of the phone display. It will save the changes you had made. The iOS screen will change into the large display, and it makes every menu text large.

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