How to Set Up and Use the iHome SmartMonitor

iHome smartMonitor is a smart home product which is designed to examine the home environment. It is a sensor which is designed to examine the sound, light, temperature, humidity, and motion in your house. It allows you to control the smart home and check what is happening in your home. Does this sound great? Then buy the iHome SmartMonitor now and follow the instructions mentioned below to know how to set up and use the iHome SmartMonitor.

Here are some of the requirements for iHome SmartMonitor

·       Go to the Settings tab.

·       Press on the General option.

·       Press on the About option.

·       You will get the version number on the screen.

·       It is located to the version entry given on the About webpage.

Go through the Android version of the Android device by going through the steps mentioned below:

·       Go to the Settings application.

·       It is located on the Android device.

·       Go down and press on the About phone option.

·       Otherwise, click on the About device option.

·       Find the Android version column of the webpage.

·       You need to search which version you are currently using.

How to install the iHome Control app on your iPhone?

·       Click on the App Store.

·       You will get this on the iPhone.

·       You need to enter iHome Control in the text field.

·       After getting it, press on the Get option.

·       It will start installing the application on the smartphone.

How to install the iHome Control app on your Android?

·       Click on the Google Play Store.

·       Find the iHome Control application in the text field.

·       Press on the Install option after finding the iHome Control application.

How to set up the iHome SmartMonitor?

·       You have to turn on the device by paring it to the power outlet.

·       You need to use the power adapter and power cable option.

·       Now, the Wi-Fi symbol on your LCD will begin showing that you can setup up the device.

·       Open the iHome Control application on the smartphone.

·       Choose the Devices option on your Android phone.

·       Press on the Add Device option.

·       Go to the Homekit option on your iPhone device.

·       Start adding the device.

·       Go through the guidelines to finish the setup process of the smartphone.

·       You need to start scanning the accessory code.

·       It is given in the quick setup guide.

·       After completing this procedure, you need to check the home environment through the iHome Control application.

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