Rage 2: Tips To Obtain Settler Pistol

It’s been about 30 years since the first iteration of Rage came to existence, but Avalanche Studios in association with id Software have finally developed a sequel to the classic Rage title to introduce the thrill and excitement of the Rage title to modern gamers. 

 The latest Rage 2 title features a Settler Pistol which previous Rage players would remember as the Settler Pistol was utilized by Nicholas Raine who was the protagonist of the Rage.

To obtain a Settler Pistol gamers are required to pre-order the Rage 2 title as those players who have pre-ordered the Rage 2 title would be granted with some exclusive bonus content which also includes the Settler Pistol handheld melee type weapon.

Players who have pre-ordered the Rage 2 title will be able to access some special rewards like exclusive quest missions, NBA Jam announcer’s voice and a unique skin of a truck. As the Rage 2 title has already been released, new players of the title would be laid off from the special items and rewards available from pre-ordering the title.

Still those gamers who had pre-ordered the Rage 2 title would be able to unlock the unique Settler Pistol by accomplishing the Cult of the Death God mission which is exclusively available for all the players who pre-ordered the Rage 2 title.

 In Cult of the Death God mission gamers will be required to eliminate a group of mutants who idolize Nicholas Raine as god and worship him. In order to initiate this mission player will have to help the leader of the resistance namely Captain John Marshall to activate his power.

To finish the Cult of The Death God challenge players will be required to go inside sewers to eliminate all the mutants and ultimately defeat the giant boss. As players successfully finish the special challenge they will be granted with a shiny Settler Pistol alongside the Nicholas Armor. 

Although players should undermine the fact that the Settler Pistol is not a very efficient weapon in the Rage 2 title, still the handheld Settler Pistol is capable of dealing reliable damage with a powerful blow. But the weapon lacks in stability, range and fire rate which leaves the Settler Pistol as more of a stylized item which players can utilize in a desperate need to counter the incoming enemies.

  It is expected that the Rage 2 developers would also include some additional DLC content in the future which would allow players to explore new possibilities in the future.

Although the current Settler Pistol is limited to players who pre-ordered the Rage 2 title, still it is quite possible to witness such locked items to be available inside the game through DLC content and possibly players may even be able to purchase such special items from the in-game shop so all those players who are unable to access this weapon should not lose hope.

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