The Outer Worlds: Players Can Now Use a Shrink Ray!

Obsidian Entertainment has provided players with plenty of information for it’s The Outer Worlds title. Developers at Obsidian Entertainment revealed various in-game combat like Fallout VATS, No-kill playthrough and much more.

The Outer World is a Sci-Fi RPG style game, which is scheduled to launch sometime in 2019.

The latest interview with Obsidian revealed that the game would feature a very interesting weapon which would create unique interactions for players to enjoy. The said weapon is the shrink ray, which would shrink the size of the enemy when used.

The co-director of the game and creator of Fallout, Tim Cain explained that the game includes some giant enemies named Mega-Fauna. The shrink ray weapon can prove to be quite handy to deal with such enemies.

Shrink ray does not deal a whole lot of damage, but it surely can reduce the size of the foe and make them tiny like an ant. This new weapon has unique mechanics which can be very useful for players in different situations.

 As using the shrink ray reduces the size of the enemy, they become more susceptible to damage and can be dealt with much more ease. The enemy size turns out to be directly propionate to the amount of damage they can bear. Smaller size enemies can be killed in few blows as compared to the giant foes.

The character science skill will directly impact on the shrinking size of the enemy, so players should try to increase their characters science skill as much as possible. Enemies will become smaller and smaller in size as the science skills of character increases which would also make the enemy more and more vulnerable to damage.

Although the shrink rays threshold feature seems to one of the most significant benefits, still it would deal some damage to foes. Also, there are many more weapons that fall under the science banner, but none of them is believed to be as exciting as the shrink ray.

Players can also choose other weapons in the game like the Ugly Stick which is a melee type weapon. No such mechanics of the game are known yet, but Obsidian is preparing an initial gameplay video for players to experience the actual interactions of the title.

Many compare The Outer World with Fallout, as both the games have similar RPG game styles. Moreover, the timing of the announcement of the Outer World is right before Fallout 76 experienced problems, and the participation of Fallout’s developers with the Outer World developer’s is indicating both the games to have somewhat similarities in game style.

 Although you can find Nuke Launcher in Fallout, the cool Shrink ray is only available at The Outer World. Well, let’s see Obsidian Entertainment launches which final product and how will the gaming community response to it.

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