The Ultimate List of Truly Wireless Earphones

Skip the entanglement dilemma by doing away with wires. This list picks up the best collection of wireless earphones for a great listening experience.

1.  Sony – WF – SP7OON

These earplugs look like cute miniature droids. Sony’s Extra Bass technology gives a user- the high of music while pumping adrenaline at the gym. It gets you going- user can use Google assistant or enjoy their favorite ambient beats with the best sound output. And, of course, it has a sweat proof and noise cancellation feature.

2. RHA- TrueConnect

These earplugs packs in a lot of battery life and fast charging capability. Sure is splash proof and comes with 3 years of warranty. Noise isolating design that secure fits into the ears provide a chillout experience while listening to music.

3. Sennheiser – MOMENTUM True Wireless

These premium earbuds provide an unbeatable musical experience. Perfect sensitivity and frequency response give a posh edge to the listening experience. The wireless connectivity makes no excuses and remains tenacious.

4. Bragi- The Dash Pro

The Dash Pro is a set of intelligent earbuds. The box packs in miniature hardware that let you adjust this ergonomic featherweight device perfectly into your ears. Bragi app on Android and iOS will provide you with virtual assistants like Alexa.

5. Apple – Airpods

These totally wireless trendsetters provide great listening experience on Apple and other devices having Bluetooth 4.0. It has got the perfectly blended sound- a balance of bass and treble, which makes it a very nice choice for gadget heads. The best thing about Airpods is that they come with an outstanding battery life of 24 hours and can be charged on the go from the charging case.

6. Bragi- The Headphones

Contrary to its name which is an exaggerated one, Bragi’s The Headphones gives crystal clear stereo sound and comes with a playtime of 6 hours and standby time of a whopping 250 hours. It has got a secretive function that is a good safety feature when it comes to being aware of what’s playing in your surroundings.

7. Skullcandy Push

Skullcandy Push is the most incredible earplugs from Skullcandy. They are water resistant and soothes you with custom tuned music experience, really an ear-candy!  The original FitFin ear gel design perfectly tucks into any ear. An innovative form factor removes the chances of a signal loss, and a great battery backup makes it the ultimate gadget for music enthusiasts.

8. Plantronics – BackBeat FIT 3100

These earplugs have the Always Aware tech that makes it possible to hear what’s going in your surrounding while you are listening to your favorite music. It is waterproof and outputs the most ultimate blend of sound.

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