“I don’t know what SEO means, is it thoughtful doctor?


Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine optimization translates to SEO. It is this concept that brings together the techniques of optimizing the visibility of a website or web content on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. There is a huge amount of techniques to allow a site to gain visibility and, by addition, to find itself in the first results of search engines. The best known remains the use of keywords. Words whose redundancy, repetition makes them undeniable assets for the valorization of websites. Several tools exist to help determine the potential of a word or sequence of words. The best known of these is Google Trends, which allows you to know in real-time the popularity of expression, a word.

Other simple techniques include regularly updating the content of the same website as well as increasing the presence on social networks. One can also highlight the strategy of creating differentiated content, but linked to the initial website. This can be done automatically, semi-automatically or manually. All you need to do is set up a net linking strategy, based on external links. Attention nevertheless, because, while the technique is simple, it is also strictly regulated via the concept of “hats”. A so-called “white hat” usage is considered quite correct and takes up objective content valuations. In contrast, there are so-called “black hat” techniques that seek to deceive the internet user by giving a subjective ranking to web content. This category includes padding hidden keywords or sharing bookmarks for pornographic sites. A definition to know at your fingertips when thinking about the structure of your website.

To make your SEO yourself, do not confuse

The term SEO can be oriented either to the internet user or to search engines. The concept of SEO meets the 2nd option. It should not be confused with paid SEO or SEA. (Search Engine Advertising)

Making your SEO is completely free and consists of the concrete and human improvement of the SEO of the site. The SEA is, on the other hand, paid and works by buying keywords defined by the algorithms of search engines such as Google and allows the site to have increased visibility in less than 24h. The SEA also works via the principle of cost per click. In short, every time a user clicks on your page, you proceed to checkout. The principle is, of course, that the income due to the number of clicks is higher than what you have to shell out in the end. Today, the main actor of paid SEO is Google AdWords.



Even though they are different, SEO and SEA are nevertheless related, not least because of AdWords. AdWords can easily increase the SEO of a content/website because the effectiveness of the paid SEO campaign automatically involves improving the content of the pages, and this, regularly. What is inherent in SEO operation?

Difference between positioning and SEO

Nor should we confuse positioning and SEO. Positioning is semantically quite easy to understand. This is the position that a site occupies following a search by keywords in a search engine. While Seo is simply the set of techniques made available to achieve this. The two terms are, however, complementary.  Without work on SEO, no hope of having good positioning on Google and therefore to benefit from significant traffic.

Positioning and SEO are two essential techniques for those who want to quickly evolve their sites or content in the vastness of the web. Google and its algorithms remain master on board, just meet its requirements.

Usefulness of SEO

Keywords rhyme with visibility just like SEO rhyme with the network. The functioning of SEO is therefore clearly oriented towards the multiplication of natural links, references, concerning the same content on different platforms. Above all, visibility obtained a first time necessarily calls for others. A site is rarely visited only once by the same person. A strategic positioning acquired only once logically allows increasing substantially and continuously the traffic on the same web page.

Optimizing visibility involves optimizing the content and thus the legitimacy of a site in the longer term. This is the intrinsic goal pursued by the many so-called SEO techniques.

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