Top-rated adventure activities in Singapore for the thrill-seekers

When you think of a vacation to Singapore, all you can think about is its plethora of fancy hotels, fine dining, nightlife and as a shoppers paradise. Singapore is highly underrated by adventure enthusiasts looking for options for an exciting adventure trip. Singapore offers you sheer adrenaline rushing through your body with numerous adventure activities. Heres all the activities to add to your list while planning your adventure trip to Singapore.

1. Get your heart pumping with the reverse bungee

Get rocket launched into the sky with this adventure activity. You will be strapped into a small capsule that will catapult into the air with a speed you never can foresee. You might think that doing this with your friends will make it much more comforting, but sharing space during this ride will not help with the fact that your heart will be beating out of your chest. You can find this activity easily in the famous Clarke Quay, home to some of the best nightlife and restaurants in Singapore.

2. Explore the Mangrove forest by Kayaking

Escape the fast-paced city life to a more relaxed setting of the lush mangrove forests. Head to mangroves areas like Pulau Ubin and Khatib Bongsu that are only accessible by kayaks. This is a perfect adventure for couples and families and lasts about 4-5 hours for couples and for families too.

3.Race on the F1 circuit

If you’re an automobile junkie and would love to not only drive but also race a luxury car such as a Ferrari or Lamborghini, head to Singapore’s F1 track for your dreams to come true. You do not need any prior experience also to enjoy this motorsport. If you’re not keen on driving, you can sit alongside a professional driver as he takes the wheel. This could be the perfect anniversary gift for your adventure-loving better half.

4. Feel like a superhero while indoor Skydiving

If you’re afraid of heights but would still like to experience the thrill of skydiving, Singapore’s iFly is the best place to experience indoor simulated skydiving which will not compromise on the adrenaline rush of a 10,000 skydive. Located in Sentosa Island, it is the world’s largest indoor skydive at 16.5 feet wide and 56.5 feet tall and safe. Make sure to capture the memories while you’re at it.

5. Enjoy the thrill of AJ Hackett’s activities

The world-famous AJ Hackett known for its extreme adventure sports is now open in Singapore’s Sentosa island. This is every adventure junkie’s new favorite hang out spot. You can choose to Bunjee jump 50 meters over Siloso beach or you can try out the giant swing which can reach as far as 120km/h. If you want to try something new you can try out a vertical skywalk down towards the beach. This trio is one of the best adventure activities to try out in Singapore.

6. Go Ziplining

Megazip is one of the many adventure activities provided at MegaAdventure. MegaZip lets you go zipping along from one end to another. There are multiple ziplines you can try out and even race your friends to the end. Perfect for couples and families as you have other choices too such as MegaClimb, MegaJump, MegaWall and MegaBounce to try out while you’re here.


7.  Try out Cable-skiing

Get the hang of wakeboarding while being attached to a cable at the Singapore Wake Park. The obstacle courses start from beginner, intermediate to many advanced levels where you can show off your tricks and flips. Have a splashing great time here.

8.Experience some freefall adventure

ParaJump at Sentosa offers an exciting free-fall parachute jump from 50 feet above the ground. Get that adrenaline kick you’ve been looking for with this stunning activity with a view of the entire Sentosa island to with it.

9. Go deep into the sea with snorkeling

Get up close with marine life and explore the reefs at the sister islands. Sisters Islands comprise 2 islands called the Big Sister’s Island which is about 39,000 square meters and Little Sister’s Island which is about 17,000 square meters. These are the best places to explore Singapore’s rich coral reefs.

10. Fly your own Boeing

Become the captain of your flight in this once in a lifetime adventure activity. Head on to Marina Bay where you can fly your own Boeing 737 approved by the Aviation regulatory. You’ll be taught how to fly this simulated aircraft through experienced pilots. The activity can last between 30 – 90 minutes.

11. Take on the waves with Indoor Surfing

Singapore’s beaches might not be ideal for surfing but that doesn’t stop the country from enjoying this water sport. At warehouse Sentosa, you can ride the different intensities of waves indoors. Once you catch the hang of it, you can level up the intensity and conquer all the different wave simulations here. Definite must-try for the thrill-seekers.

12. Get up close and personal with Sharks

The list is imperfect without a mention of Singapore’s famous theme parks. Any basic itinerary will cover Universal Studios and Sentosa as part of the trip, but the adventure cove water park is something you shouldn’t miss out especially if you’re looking for adventure. It is filled with marine-based rides and attractions to get your pulse racing. The highlight of the park is that you can scuba dive into a tank of over 100 sharks from 12 different species. This sure will get your hearts pumping.

Singapore presents infinite choices to you to get your adrenaline rushing. Live on the edge and try out some of the best adventure activities especially if you’re looking for an adventurous honeymoon, Singapore will offer you a guaranteed good time. Book your Singapore honeymoon package with companies like Pickyourtrail and MakeMyTrip to make sure you get the thrilling vacation of your dreams.

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