Key features of A good content for better SEO ranking


Writing content is a comparatively easier task to do if you feel creative of yourself and are not lazy enough. It is far more difficult for those who have no interest in writing and are just doing it for the sake of earning money whereas their interests are completely contrasting from writing contents. It is not a cup of everyone’s tea and not everyone is a full-fledged writer. Therefore, one shouldn’t be putting their efforts into something they are not good at. Those who write content are not perfect as well and since life itself is a constant process of learning, they also learn from their mistakes and are constantly evolving in their particular field which is writing creative content. You will come across some horrible contents on the internet and some really relatable and relevant ones too, they are certain elements that form the difference between the two and if you are a good content writer or aspiring to be one, you should be able to figure those out and find the difference. For your help, below we have discussed 5 most important features to a good content that you should know of if you are truly willing to pen down a good article.

  1. IT IS UNIQUE:As simple as it could be put in words, an article is only considered good and worth putting on the internet if it is unique. By unique it doesn’t mean that if someone has already written about the class of Leather Jackets, someone else cannot. This is not the case because everyone thinks differently and has his or her perspective about the same When we say certain content should be unique, we are referring to the difference in people’s opinion and its expression. With the advancement of technology, it is not difficult to figure out plagiarism and since it is also a crime, it shouldn’t be carried out in any case since it negates the idea of uniqueness and ethical morality that form the prime basis of good content. 

    If your site is about entertainment, it is useless for you to write about politics. Similarly, if you run a business of Leather Jackets, instead of writing about Black Leather Jacket or Top Gun Jacket, if you write about plants or animals, you will fail at managing a great number of views or reads. Therefore, your article and your content must relate to the audience you are catering for. It should resonate with them and shouldn’t be about topics you are not providing them for. You should stick to what your business is and should excel and produce content that is about you, your business and your audience.


    The first and the foremost thing a reader looks at before reading something is the headline due to which it is the most important thing of an article. Therefore, you need to be intelligent and creative enough to design attractive headlines that are catchy enough to gather the attention of your reader instantly. It should be precise, should be to-the-point and should have those phrases that can spark an urge in a reader to continue reading about what you have written. The best part about good content is its headline because it is the only thing that is responsible for convincing someone to read it all out.


    Even if you are writing about something as casual as the entertainment industry, your point will have far more weight if you quote statistics and authentic sources to support your point of view. It is usual for people to believe in rumors and conspire against them but as a responsible firm, it is extremely unprofessional on your behalf to mislead them with your articles that can otherwise also offer authenticity if researched upon. So if you are a writer, it is a responsibility on you that you will behold accountable for that you write content with proves and sources to lay down the authenticity of your content and if you are reading, it is your responsibility that you only trust on stuff that offers prove and don’t blindly go after unauthentic stuff.


    The value doesn’t mean something grand or huge, but it is all about things extremely simple. Good content provides value when it is not baseless or not out of context yet instead it is worth spending time on, it offers you some key information, entertains you, motivates you and sometimes convinces you for stuff that you aren’t likely to believe at the first place. All these are values that need to be considered if you are willing to put up creating content that is good and impactful. You will only be able to create an impact if you answer the questions you think your readers might have to sustain those values and instill those that you think are lacking.

In conclusion, if you are passionately aspiring to become a good content writer and if you think you are pretty good in the SEO business, you need to keep these above-mentioned tips in your mind to excel in this field ethically.



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