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New ideas to improve your home this summer 2020

Goformcafee is going to discuss new ideas to improve your home this summer 2020.

Stylish curtains

Stylish curtains can transform any room. Make them the entire wall, and such a length that they slightly “flow” to the floor — long curtains always look more spectacular than short ones in the home. imp.

The hallway decoration

The hallway should be furnished as an integral part of the living space, but the cabinets and cabinets located in it should not interfere with movement around the house. Also, the furniture for the entrance hall should be made of materials that are ready to meet with water, dirt, and sand.

How to widen the corridor

If you are annoyed not so much by the narrowness of the corridor as its length, then in this trouble, the division of space can play the role of a helping hand. By painting one half of the corridor in one color and the other in another, you will visually reduce it significantly. You can use the same principle to cover the problem room with contrasting Wallpaper.

Composition of family

Depending on the composition of the family and its needs, a one-room apartment can be turned into a luxury Studio — the Kingdom of free planning-or, on the contrary, into a small, but full-fledged “two-bedroom”. To implement the latter scenario is possible, for example, in the following way. The kitchen area is moved to the hallway (or pantry), and a bedroom is arranged on the site of the former kitchen.

Combining the baths

If your apartment has a separate bathroom, by combining it, you can win a few priceless square meters. And if you add to them a couple of” squares” of the hallway, the newly built bathroom will have space for a washing machine, a bath, and a Laundry basket.

Interior designing

Some things can give warmth to absolutely any interior — even made in the high-tech style. The main thing is not to be afraid of eclecticism and use them at least for “therapeutic” purposes. These win-win items include: home textiles, wicker products, ceramic and wooden figurines, as well as various gifts of nature (seashells, snags, cones, etc.)


A very good option, if the family has small children — is to cover all the walls up to half the height with large sheets of watchman and allow the children to draw on them (and then change them as necessary). You can also use adhesive materials for furniture.

Sometimes, to change the appearance of the apartment, it is enough to take out all the excess from it. Take a good look at your belongings (including furniture): maybe it’s time to part with something? If everything is expensive to you, try to come up with some sort of permutation: at least shuffle the furniture in different rooms.

The easiest way to set up a new living room is to design the sofa area. Hang a large mirror over the sofa (to increase the space), shelves with Souvenirs, and paintings of different sizes. Place a small coffee table and a light source near the sofa.

Printed Images

Print large images on self-adhesive film in the form of stencils and stick them on one of the walls or even part of the wall. These unusual stickers will look nice in niches or at the head of the bed. The main thing is that the color scheme of walls and stickers should be combined.

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