What causes back pain | Escape plan for this back pain

back pain

You have everything in your life… handsome earnings, favorite car, lovely family everything you need. Nut yet you can’t enjoy life. You can’t make a smooth step. You feel massive pain to your back whenever you are the way to enjoy the blessings of your life. You can’t enjoy the usual activities of your life. When all your family members are watching TV or having coffee in the green yard of your home… you have to just stay on your bed, helpless enough to join them.

At the office, whenever every one of your colleagues even the old aged one is gossiping to each other, working by enjoying and submit their projects on due time… you are just thinking about the position of your back.  You are panicked in searching for the right position of your back that can give you some comfort.

A well-planned life blessed with all desired things you wanted all your life can just go in vain if you have simple back pain. I know many of the friends who have Bugatti Veyron on their own but can’t ride on it just because they are suffering from back pain. I know somebody who has DXRacer, one of the most expensive gaming chairs, at his home but can’t take a seat on it just because he is suffering from back pain.


So, before looking after possessions and money, think about your health. You should take care of your health. Even a poor guy who has no possessions and has to work as a day laborer is happier than you if you have chronic back pain. Isn’t it painful? Yes, I know your feelings. This article is basically for those who still not suffering from back pain but at high risk. But if you are already suffering from this, you still get some valuable information to change your lifestyle and lead accordingly.

What causes back pain?

If you have a heavyweight of your body, then you are at high risk. So, reducing bodyweight is your first task to do. You can follow a good diet plan, exercise regularly and ignore the fast-food items for losing weight.  If you have to work for an hour and hour sitting on a chair then you are at high risk. SO, what can you do if it is your job? Well, we have solutions for you. You can take a break for just 5 minutes for walking around after every sixty minutes.

If you are not taking physical exercises regularly and actually no way to do it then you are at high risk. So, what you can do? Well, all you can do is purchasing some home exercises like a rowing machine or chest press machine or whatever you would like.

If you are sleeping on an extremely soft mattress or too hard then you are at high risk. You can choose a mattress that is not too hard or too soft. Changing the sleeping angle can also be helpful. You can sleep by placing your body at an angle, preferably right angle, it would be great for you.

If you have to bear heavily weighted equipment then you are at high risk. There are no other options without avoid taking heavily weighted materials. Remember one thing, your body is just like your laptop. It will perform well as long as you take care of it regularly. Take rest, work daily.



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