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Advantages of Ecological gardening while staying at home


Ecological gardening has many advantages:

The absence of chemicals is beneficial to the environment and it allows you to enjoy delicious natural and healthy food as a family. In addition to producing food full of taste, organic gardening will save you time, money and contribute to the enrichment of your garden ecosystem. In this situation of Corona Virus, World Event talks provide you the best opportunity to have these gardening tips so you can stay at your home and keep yourself busy in this pandemic situation.

Discover below the many advantages of this method of gardening respectful of the fauna and flora of your garden.

Fewer health hazards of green gardens:

As organic gardening removes pesticides and artificial fertilizers, fewer additives are used from the outset and are not present in your lettuce or radishes.

Tasty, fresh and organic fruits and vegetables

Of course, the products you will harvest will not be uniform in size and color as in a large area but the flavor is at the rendezvous. You will be proud to make your family enjoy delicious food without fear of the presence of chemicals.

Ecological gardening preserves nature

Organic nourishments are made from shrub and animal sources such as manure and dung. The application of compost and mulch reduces the erosion of the topsoil. By gradually rotting, they supply plant resources and enhance soil fertility. Improved soils require less fertilizer and better water retention, which means less runoff.


There will be no chemicals in your garden that could pollute groundwater. Also, if you make your compost with your kitchen waste and garden waste, you will generate less waste. Some organic herbicides and insecticides help preserve your crops while protecting bees, butterflies, and birds. This ensures that your planting work does not harm pollinators, helpful insects, and our garden relatives.

Organic gardening helps save water

Organic planting decreases the amounts of natural resources required for our fruit and vegetable crops, particularly water. Soils rich in organic materials maintain better humidity, which ensures that less irrigation is required. Adding organic mulch to the soil stifles weeds and reduces the rate of evaporation of water.

Organic gardening saves money

When you garden gradually, you will devote less cash on gardening provisions and chemical manures. Instead, kitchen waste and garden residues will bring the necessary nutrients and organisms into the soil. Nor should we neglect the savings made by growing your organic products instead of spending your money on a large area with little visibility on the quality and provenance of the products. If you have exceptional harvests, you will be able to keep the surplus and thus save money in winter by not having to buy products grown in greenhouses.

An activity good for health and morale

Gardening is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and exercise regularly. It can be a difficult job at times but it is also an activity that will make you proud. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing seedlings bud and harvesting your own fresh, healthy produce to share with members of your household.



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