Remove public hair at home by following these steps


In recent years, more and more men are inclined to remove pubic hair in the intimate area. It is no longer considered that only representatives of non-traditional sexual orientation have a “naked”, not covered with hair groin. Removing hair from the intimate area has many advantages that your sex partner will notice.

The main advantages of pubic hair removal:

When removing hair in the groin area, the manhood visually becomes larger, which is sure to please not only you but also your partner in intimacy:

  • It will give you confidence in an intimate rapprochement;
  • The partner does not have to constantly spit out the hair when pleasing the male dignity;
  • Preventing the appearance of unpleasant odors;

The removal of pubic hair is hygienic!

Today, there are many ways and methods of removing pubic hair, which you can do yourself at home, or contact the salon of intimate haircuts (depilation). The most common methods of hair removal in the intimate area are shaving, bio epilation, chemical depilation, electrolysis, trimming, ultrasonic depilation, laser depilation, and photo epilation. All these methods have their advantages and disadvantages, so the choice is yours. The following are the methods to remove public hair at home.

Pubic hair removal with a razor

  • Advantages of the shaving machine:
  • The cheapest way to remove pubic hair;
  • The ability to do this procedure at home;
  • It doesn’t require any special skills;
  • This is a fairly quick procedure.

Disadvantages of shaving pubic hair:

  • Possible skin irritation;
  • Hair grows back quickly enough;
  • Repeat the procedure for 2-3 weeks;
  • The hair is harder;
  • The skin becomes much rougher at the point of shaving.

Pubic hair removal with wax (bio epilation)

Advantages of bio epilation of pubic hair

  • Great effect;
  • The ability to do at home or in the salon;
  • Slow hair regrowth;
  • Repeat the procedure for at least 5 weeks;
  • Hair after regrowth becomes softer

Disadvantages of bio epilation:

  • Quite a painful procedure;
  • Probability of hair growing into the skin;
  • Does not remove hair from the scrotum;
  • Possibility to remove pubic hair no shorter than 3-4 mm.
  • Chemical depilation of hair in the groin area

Advantages of hair removal by chemical depilation:

  • Cheap;
  • Quickly;
  • You can do this procedure at home;
  • Removing pubic hair permanently;
  • Painless procedure.

Disadvantages of removing pubic hair by depilation:

  • It is not recommended to use frequently in sensitive areas;
  • The presence of an unpleasant smell;
  • Causes temporary inflammation and rash of the sebaceous glands.
  • Pubic hair removal by laser depilation, electrolysis, photo epilation and ultrasound
  • Expensive procedure;
  • The possibility of removing pubic hair by these methods only in specialized beauty salons or intimate hairdressers;
  • Requires the intervention of specialists;
  • Requires passing through several procedures;
  • Hair removal forever


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