The Grammy Award, or merely the Grammy’s, is an award given by the Recording Academy to honor music industry accomplishments. In the annual presentation ceremony, famous artists perform a performance, and the specific prize-integrated presentation has a more general sense. Along with the Academy Awards (film), the Emmy Awards (television), and the Tony Awards (theatre and Broadway), it is considered one of the four major annual American entertainment awards.

Here are some essential things you have to know about Grammy’s:

Gramophone trophy:

In Ridgway, Colorado, gold plated trophies are made and crafted by Billings Artworks, each depicting a gilded gramophone. In 1990, the original Grammy’s model updated by replacing the soft lead to more robust material that cannot damage easily, making the trophy larger and larger. A total of 7,578 Grammy’s medals has awarded as of February 2009.

Entry process and selection of nominees:

Recordings can be documented for consideration by media companies registered with the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and individual members of NARAS. All the entries have made online, and NARAS sent a physical copy of the work. They are reviewing sessions conducted after work enter. The nominees become the five recordings that earn the most votes in each category, while in some types, there are review committees in place that determine the final five nominees. There could be more than five nominees if there’s a difference in the nominating process.

Grammy’s 2020:

The 2020 Grammys held on Sunday, Jan. 26, at Los Angeles’ Staples Center. The live awards have held at 8 p.m. ET/5:00 p.m. Alicia Keys is returning as the host in 2020 Grammy’s. Keys is a Grammy regular host who has taken 15 awards throughout her career. She’s the fifth woman to be the host in Grammy history.

Who is nominate for the 2020 Grammys?

With the “Truth Hurts” singer, rapper, and flutist leading in nominations with a total of eight, including all major categories and Best New Artist, it’s Lizzo’s year to lose. Billie Eilish and Lil Nas X, accompanied by Ariana Grande and H.E.R. In all four significant categories, Eilish also nominated, and at only 17 years of age when she selected, she was the youngest artist ever to earn such accolades.

Grammy 2021:

The biggest night of music with the 63rd Annual Grammy awards returns on Jan 2021 shows the most unforgettable entertainment personalities of the past year and celebrated music excellence published in late 2019 and 2020. Hopefully, you are as excited for the next Grammy.

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